Miyahara Seicha Factory LLC.

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Miyahara Seicha Factory LLC.




16459 Kori, Chiran-cho
Minami-Kyushu City
ZIP Code : 897-0302
Kagoshima Prefecture




We launched our green tea business and factory in 1935. Our great-grandfather Naoji MIYAHARA served as the President of Tea Association around 1887 and greatly contributed to the development of tea production in Chiran Region. After that, he was elected the Mayor of Chiran Village and actively worked for the development of green tea industry for many years.

Since our foundation, we have been making every effort to minimize the use of pesticides. We were successfully certified as Organic JAS. We sell and promote our safe and secured green and black tea grown in our tea fields, including our original organic tea "Hotaru", which uses no pesticides, and that literally means "firefly".

Certification : Organic JAS

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