JA Minami Satsuma Chiran Chagyo Center

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JA Minami Satsuma Chiran Chagyo Center


Yunoko Hirofumi

Matsuyama Kazunari

Kori 17285, Chiran
Minami-Kyushu city
ZIP Code : 897-0302
Kagoshima Prefecture




Our tea leaves are carefully selected from tea plantations in Chiran, then evaluated, processed and perfected at our center’s final processing facility. Our green tea is painstakingly and lovingly prepared by artisans.

It is made from a blend of various tea cultivars, from early-growing to late-growing types. They are unique to the southern part of Japan, resulting in a delicious tea packed with sweetness, flavor, richness and fragrance.

Certification : JAS (organic)

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